Association “BERG” initiated and organized II Congress of the Nutation of the Future 2001, in Tisa Hotel in Titel , in the time period of 31.08 – 01.09.2012.

Leading idea of this congress was promote changing diet as a mean to change our future “By Changing Ourselves – We are Changing the World”, world we want to live in for our own sake and for the sake of generations that are yet to come. Because of human ruthless and endless pursuit for profit and material values, man endangered nature, poisoned everything around himself and brought himself to the brink of biological existence.

Nowadays life of man, as well as life of all of living creatures on Planet Earth is seriously endangered. But, unfortunately, many people are still unaware of this danger. In the present, it may not be as obvious. However if we analyze events in the past and present state, we may conclude that we are ruled by epidemics of incurable diseases that did not exist 100 years ago. This came as a result of severe environmental pollution, and consequently man, because in life everything is connected. It is a scientific fact that during the last 20 years the ability of to renew human population has dropped by 50% with tendency to grow. This fact is a great concern for the public. There is a fear that after the year 2025, if we do not change the way we eat and live, infertility would be as high as 90%.

There are some assumptions that in the year of 2150 only 500 000 000 people will be living on Planet Earth due to depopulation (the same number of people as in the year of 1640), while on the territory of Serbia there will be 500 000 inhabitants. In order to prevent this, congress participants claim that nutrition of the future can make enormous impact. Leading idea of the nutrition of the future is to take natural foods without cooking and industrial processing, use of dietary supplements every day, do solar yoga, drink natural (spring…) water, have physical activity, natural and healthy air, abstinence from xenobiotics, have daily rest in accordance the nature, the attitude of forgiveness and gratitude, and necessary faith that by doing good we live life decent for human beings.

Vision of the nutrition of the future is to prevent death of our mother nature, to contribute to its natural detoxification and regeneration… The issue of the biological existence of the human population, is not reserved for scientists, some professions, people who have certain material status, education…it is a basic necessity of each individual to take care of his/her life and lives of those who are yet to come. This why this congress is unique. Its multidisciplinary character allows people of all professions, who make impact and want to give their contribution to healthier and happier life for all living creatures on the planet, to present their attitude and expert opinion. The truth is that only TRUTH on the necessity of personal and overall change of life, can be a guarantee for better and happier future.

International Scientific Committee was made of members from Republic of Serbia, Serbian Republic, Germany, Mongolia, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Georgia, Macedonia, Slovakia, Russia and Canada. On the head of the Committee professor Jovan Savičević. The Commission received 70 scientific papers, and accepted 61 to be presented and published. Congress on the Nutrition of the Future gathered over 400 participants from Serbia, Croatia, Serbian Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Mongolia, Canada, Russia, and Australia. Out of 61 accepted papers, 50 of them were presented on the congress which is a telltale sign of its success.

Congress was opened by Mr. Toni Petrović Ministry of Energy, an advisor in the Ministry of Development and Environmental Protection. Minister Zorana Mihajlović and her associates, managed to attend the congress during one of the sessions and hear presenters from USA, Russia and Serbia… afterwards, noticeably pleased, she welcomed everyone and expressed her willingness to support all congress activities, with desire to provide healthier and better life of present and future generations.

Some of the best papers presented at the congress were following: Struggle to Survive by Catherine Alavanja (12 years), promoters of the nutrition of the future from Zrenjanin, Republic of Serbia; The Secret has been Revealed by Boro M. Vujasin from Titel, Serbia: All is – One by Vladislav Savović, promoter of the nutrition of the future from Novi Sad, Serbia; The Significance of Spiritual Life in the Present by Marija Astrojeva from Kemerovo, Russia; Being Born Again by Grish Gantuya promoter of the nutrition of the future from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; Heidi Stoya Kalinich, promoter of the nutrition of the future from Toronto, Canada; Noble Sun by Vojislav Krivokuća, promoter of the nutrition of the future from Belgrade, Republic of Serbia; The Body Never Lies by Sonja Jovic, an acupuncturist from Niš, Republic of Serbia; How I Defeated Multiple Sclerosis by Ljubica Davidov, promoter of the nutrition of the future from Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia; Food Supplements in the 21st Century by Grozdana Paunović and Vladimir Paunović, promoters of the nutrition of the future from Zrenjanin, Republic of Serbia; β-Glucans as Health Promoters by Ljubica Medić Mijačević and Zdenka Nikolić Dragutinović from Zemun, Republic of Serbia; Nutrition of Children up to 3 Years of Age by Vesna Cvjetanović promoter of the nutrition of the future from Zadar, Croatia; Antibiotic that Feeds by Elvira Moroanka from Vršac, Republic of Serbia; Bottled Water or Tap Water by Tibor Kovač promoter of the nutrition of the future from Namešnadudva, Hungary; Therapeutic Starvation (Fasting) by Vlado Roksandić, promoter of the nutrition of the future from Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia; Do what you Say by Olivera Vujasin, promoter of the nutrition of the future from Titel, Republic of Serbia; How to Cure High Blood Pressure in a Natural Way? By Svetlana Pasarić, promoter of the nutrition of the future from Virovitica, Croatia; Protecting Plants without Chemical by Mirjana Nedić from Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia; Fluoride and Toothpaste by Julka Rakić, promoter of the nutrition of the future from Šajkaš, Republic of Serbia;

We would like to congratulate all participants who conducted workshop “Nutrition of the Future”, led by Boba Vujinović and Olivera Rosić from Belgrade and Nena Roksandić from Novi Sad, and participants who conducted workshop “The Accumulation of Spiritual Nourishment” led by Steve Plavšića from Kovilj. The practical application of then nutrition of the future was demonstrated by Saša Plećević- Doctor FeelGood. Positive energy along with rich cultural program accompanied by Miki Jevremović, Eleonora Barudžija, Zoran Tutunović, Tina Favazza, Dance School „Bolero“ was much appreciated by visitors. The atmosphere was full of positive vibes sent to future life of the planet.

Knowing and believing that “Nutrition of the Future” is the idea and vision which has worldwide importance, originated in Titel, creators of the vision count on the support personal engagement now and in the future of all ell-meaning individuals and institutions, and humanity as a whole.