I Congress of the Nutation of the Future with International Participants was organized on the initiative of the Association for population policy “BERG” on the 15th of the October in 2011, and it gathered natural food enthusiasts. This congress justified and exceeding expectations the Blue Hall in the Court of Justice in Titel, which has 120 seats, was crowded and it was too small for 200 interested presenters and visitors. Exhibition space in front of the “Blue room” was also too small to present all natural ingredients (fresh and raw), literature and specialties of local hostess.

Impressions from this congress were best described in media report in one of the magazines which says: Raw food is characterized by a life style that promotes n raw plant food. Along with physical exercise and spirituality it has power to cure, renew and give strength to body and spirit. When talking about thermally processed food, weather it has plant or animal origin, it is still dead food. There is only one important division of food-the living and the dead. It is the same case of mind nutrition, there is also only one important division of food-the living and the dead nutrition of the spirit. Raw diet enriched spirituality and dead degrades and destroys the spiritual life of people.

If you understand postulate “life is capable of giving birth and support other lives”, than you are more than welcome to the II Congress of the Nutation of the Future! We say second congress, because the first has just been finished in Titel. Titel, the town on three rivers the incredibly rich, but unfortunately, rather neglected history was the host of the event, which was interested to say the least.
The value of this event for this small town, which gathered 200 visitors from different countries, even though it was not on their way, due to pure enthusiasm of organizes, can be judged only by those who ever tried to do that. In premises, with no adequate conditions, visitors from Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Georgia, Mongolia, etc. were attracted due to the energy of all people surrounding the Association for population policy “BERG”. Visitors were presented with 30 serious scientific works, which are valuable in this area. “Paracelsus – Nutrition of the Future”, “Food for the 21st Century,” “Natural Bypass Atherosclerotic Arteries”, “Georgia- the Country of Long-lived People”, “The importance of Friendship for Health “, are just some of the titles.

As usual, when something is being created from scratch, behind a long list of names there is will and faith of a single lonely person. This story isn’t any different. A gynecologist from a local Health Care Center in Titel Dr Boro Vujasin has initiated this significant event with a group of like-minded supporters. They wanted to make an impact on consciousness and conscience of the individual and the community to change the diet because it is scientifically proven that natural diet prevents 97% of diseases of modern civilization. Knowing that the human population is on the brink of its biological decline, this idea certainly needed to be supported and implemented in practice.

In the world we have over a thousands of testimonials of curing serious diseases only with raw food diet. Due to this matter we organized the First Congress in Titel. It is said that next year it will last for 3 days. Honestly, we wish them best of luck for the sake of a better life for all of us, both present, and future generations.

Congress organizers