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IV MULTIDISCIPLINARY CONGRESS NUTRITION OF THE FUTURE WITH INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPATION was held in Serbia, city of Novi Sad in the amphitheater of SPENS on the 4th and 5th of October 2014.

Opening ceremony of the congress started exactly at 5 minutes till noon. Due to great interest for this event, space of amphitheater was too small to accommodate all visitors, so some were even standing in lobby in front of the amphitheater.

On behalf of the city of Novi Sad participants were greeted by the Goran Sečujski who expressed satisfaction regarding this important and useful meeting for taking place in Novi Sad. He also said that he wishes and believes that Novi Sad will also host all future congresses. 

Coordinator of the congress Boro M. Vujasin, expressed gratitude to all of the participants and guests of the congress who came from different parts of Serbia, Serb Republic, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, New Zealand, Canada, Croatia and Great Britain. He emphasized that this congress now has international dimension and importance, and has a tendency to become a world event that gathers all the actors who work in the academic and practical field of healthier and happier life of human population, as well as all living and nonliving on the planet Earth. 

President of scientific and professional board, Jovan Savičić expressed gratitude regarding quality and diversity of received articles, out of which 71 were published in the Proceedings of Conference, providing new information on better, quality, physically and spiritually healthier and happier way of life, which is applicable to both individual and whole community in everyday life.

Main idea of the congress “By changing ourselves, we are changing the world” was permeated in all presented articles, distributed in 5 session during 2 days, as well as in workshops “The Basis of Human Survival“, “Book Therapy and Art“, “Living Healthy with Yoga in Everyday Life“, “Nutrition of the Future“, “Prevention by the Chinese Traditional Medicine“, “Aromatherapy in Acne Treatment“, “Shamanism - a Path of Healing and Self-development “, “Detoxification of the Whole Being “ and panel discussion “By Couching Towards Success“ and project “THE WORLD IS LEFT TO THE YOUNG“, with topic “The World Around Me“.

Fact is that congress was well attended during both congress days, all the lectures, workshops and panel discussion. Congress participants and visitors actively participated in exchanging opinions and gaining new knowledge.


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Boro dr M. Vujasin, Prim. Med. II.

“Life is a miracle”. Life is indestructible. The only question is, do we understand it, respect it, live it… and what will happen if we ignore or lose that feeling.
We are all one, and everything is one. Everything is connected in life and in continuous chain of renewal.
A man was created and born to live to the fullest, to be healthy, happy…but… when thinking about the game of death and systematic massive killings of people on everyday basis, our present can’t be compared with anything else.
Profiteering and materialistic philosophy of life is always given the advantage, even though this philosophy is destroying life and speeding to its ruination.
Our present world - is a world of suffering, misfortune and illnesses…
Our present solutions are opposite of life, and the right ones are being hidden away and never put to practice…
Exploitation of people is becoming ever more obvious… “Many of us are not even living”, but are not aware of this fact…
Our home, planet Earth is polluted. We often have ecological catastrophes.
Natural environment is being compromised.
The world is ruled by political conflicts and riots. There is no piece on our planet.
A need for change of life style is huge.

If we don’t do something, and do it fast, we will have significant shortage of energy and other natural resources. We made a huge mistake that will influence us and future generations by not initiating solutions to this issue.
Our generations to come will rightfully ask us “If you knew you were spending limited resources, why did you continue to build this world on foundations that are about to disappear?”
For the first time in human history, we are facing possibility of losing all key resources needed for human survival, and yet our economical system is advocating for alienation, toxicity, carcinogenicity...
Slowly, water is disappearing, which is a basis of our existence. By the end of the year of 2030, over 4 billion people will be facing lack of water.